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Celebrating Chinese New Year With Your Pets

Chinese New Year is observed worldwide, and it’s a time for friends, loved ones, and family to celebrate the coming of the new lunar cycle.

However, make this time of year special with your Fluffy Friend too!

Let’s include our pups and kitties as part of the festivities.

After all, if they are left behind, it isn't much of a celebration.

chinese new year with pets

Since people usually celebrate Chinese New Year for fifteen days, you have plenty of time to ensure that your pets enjoy this festive period with you.

Oh, and just in case you run out of inspiration for this festive season, here are some suggestions.

List Down a New Year’s Resolution Involving Your Pets

Keeping New Year’s resolutions is difficult on your own, but pet owners like you gives you the unique opportunity for your furball to help you be more accountable.

Use this opportunity to strengthen your relationship while forming better habits—for your mental health and physical well-being.

Commit to taking regular walks, spending more time playing, or travelling somewhere new.

Give yourself and your furry pal a year packed with thrilling excursions and novel experiences.

Spend Time With Your Pets

Before things become busy, take your dog for a walk.

A pleasant stroll is essential if you plan to entertain your good friends later.

Stay entirely in the moment and put your phone away.

Play with them, feed them goodies, or simply let them run around in a secure area.

Your dog will appreciate you much more as a result.

Play a game or activity you both enjoy!

Some pets could find it challenging to comprehend what’s occurring during Chinese New Year's Eve, but spending enough time with them can help reduce tension and anxiety if they feel uneasy about all the changes around them.

It's crucial to spend time with your pets because they could feel scared and out of place because of all the holiday activities.

They would feel at ease if you could give them as much time and attention as possible.

Prepare Your Pet’s Favourite “Lucky” Food

chinese new year with pets


Why not make your pet a delightful treat?

Pets adore getting the chance to try new foods.

Making exceptional food for your pet this Chinese New Year is also a thoughtful gesture.

You can try giving them some foods associated with the Chinese New Year, which are believed to bring good fortune.

You can prepare whole fish for your cat, representing prosperity and abundance.

Or, for your dogs, give them big meat, which means strength, peace, and prosperity.

Poultry, which represents unity and loyalty, is also a popular choice.

Finally, red proteins represent happiness, vitality, beauty, and auspiciousness.

However, keep in mind that adding condiments to your pets' meals is unhealthy.

Also, be extremely careful not to overfeed them.

Of course, avoid giving your pets leftovers from your Chinese New Year foods.

If you’re unsure what to feed them or if they're picky eaters, it's in your best interest to research or ask your trusted veterinarian.

Pay close attention to what your furry companions are eating at all times!

Don't forget to know the basic pet remedy you might need in case of emergencies!

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Have a Pet Party!

There’s nothing wrong with holding a small and exclusive party for your pets and close friends.

Invite some paw parents in your family and friends.

Serve dog or cat-friendly food, play games involving your pets, and give out “doggie bags” filled with treats or toys.

Adding a pet-friendly photo booth will make your Lunar New Year party memorable.

Dress up in funny props and the sharpest outfits that won't annoy or hurt your kitty or puppy.

You don't need an expensive camera—just set a timer on your phone or computer and have fun!

Pet Gifts

You can spoil your pets with gifts if you don’t have time or cash for a party.

Allowing your pet to open gifts will add some excitement.

Use gift bags if you're worried about your Fluffy Friend’s ability to open presents.

And make sure to keep an eye on them because pets tend to consume everything they see, including bags and wrapping paper.

Take a Bath and Groom Before Lunar New Year

chinese new year with pets


It's lovely to start everything over fresh this Chinese New Year, and this begins with a spotless home!

However, remember that Chinese people think cleaning on the day of Chinese New Year would be bad luck.

Also, during the holiday's first 48 hours, sweeping and throwing out or taking something away from the house will eliminate the good luck already there.

Make sure to do some cleaning before the actual Chinese New Year!

This goes the same with giving your pets baths and having them brushed and groomed.

You could even take them to their favourite pet grooming salons and give them a complete spa experience.

In keeping with the colours associated with Chinese culture, you may also purchase some new cute clothes.

Ensure the clothing you buy is made of breathable materials, such as cotton or wool. Hot clothing may aggravate them.

You want your pet babies to participate in the festivities by donning lucky attire, but this should not come at the expense of their wellbeing.

This will undoubtedly make you and your Fluffy Friend feel festive!

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Spread Joy

Many Chinese New Year celebrations mainly focus on touching base with family and friends while giving thoughtful presents.

But why not also donate to nearby shelters?

Despite frequently having low resources, they offer essential services.

You can spread joy and goodwill by helping other animals in need.

Send Hong baos or red envelopes to your local shelters as a surprise, or volunteer your time.

You can also help raise some money or donate any old blankets, towels, or food to the shelter of your choice.

Prepare a Comfortable Area

chinese new year with pets


Establish a secure area where your pets may unwind or hide if they’re tired, especially if you have guests over.

Put all their favourite toys, cushions, blankets, and comfy bed in the room.

Using a sound machine is another option to try and block out the noise.

Let your pets sleep peacefully by turning off the lights.

Avoid Loud Noises

It’s normal to have fireworks during Chinese New Year as the noises are believed to ward off bad luck and evil spirits.

Still, dogs and cats may become highly alarmed.

If you don’t have any place to be, spend the evening cuddling your pet instead.

Your doggo and catto adore brightly coloured and visually appealing objects.

Although they would like the colours and lights of the fireworks, the noise would stress them out.

According to research by Pennsylvania State University veterinarian and animal scientist Nancy Dreschel, an ongoing stream of stress brought on by noise can shorten your pet's life. 

You and your dog won't have to miss the festivities even if you stay inside.

Watching the celebration on television will allow you to enjoy the show and the dancing dragons with your beloved pet.

Hire a Pet Sitter 

However, if you have plans to leave the house, arrange for a pet sitter to stay with them for your own peace of mind.

Make sure to discuss the dos and don’ts when it comes to your fur baby.

It’s better to hire professional pet sitters than leave your pets to family members or friends who are not very familiar with your Fluffy Friends.

Professional pet sitters are more qualified to look after your pet while you're gone since they have training and expertise.

Some pet sitters are also familiar with pet CPR and first aid.

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With all the loud explosions and noise, your pets might not appreciate the Chinese New Year as much as you do.

But with the necessary preparations, you can make CNY an excellent experience for you and your Fluffy Friend.

Happy Chinese New Year, and we hope you have a great Year of the Water Rabbit ahead!



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  • I enjoyed ready this. It all makes sense. We recently had to put our furry pet Lucy down due to cancer. She was an adopted dog. It’s been very hard for me to overcome. I have 2 adopted kitties that we love so much. I didn’t know such celebrations happened. What a beautiful idea besides our kitties MrFluffybed. We’ve had it a week now. I’ll be encouraging them to give it a try. Thanks for this blog. It makes me feel happy. Debbie.

    Debbie Furlo
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