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Best Cat Breeds for First-Time Owners

Are you considering adding a kitty to your family but unsure of the best cat breeds for first-time owners?

Well, we're here to help!

best cat breeds

Felines make great companions, and for first-time cat owners, they often prove to be an ideal choice.

These independent, affectionate creatures offer the perfect blend of companionship.

They need low maintenance care, making them a great fit for individuals or families.

With so many cat breeds, how do you know which one is right for you?

In this guide, we'll explore the best cat breeds for first time owners.

We'll consider factors like temperament, grooming needs, activities, and compatibility with your lifestyle.

Let's dive into the world of cats and discover which breed might be your ideal match!

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Cat Breed

When choosing your first cat, several factors should be considered.

First, think about your lifestyle and living situation.

Are you in a small apartment or a spacious house?

Do you have young children or other pets?

Your cat's temperament should match those of your family members.

Grooming needs, activity level, and potential health concerns should also be weighed carefully.

Let's take a closer look into these important factors:


When selecting a feline, temperament is an important consideration for new cat owners.

There are certain cat breeds that are solitary or more reserved.

Other kinds are famous for being outgoing and friendly.

It would be best to think about what your preference is and do lots of research.

Grooming Needs

Thinking about the grooming needs of your new Fluffy Friend is crucial.

Some low-maintenance cats like the Siamese or American Shorthair need minimal grooming.

You just need to do occasional brushing to reduce shedding and hairballs.

The Persian or Maine Coon demands regular grooming because of their long coats.

Additionally, some cats groom themselves, while others may need professional grooming.

Thus, you need to think about your willingness to invest in grooming.

It should meet the breed's requirements to ensure your cat's coat remains healthy.

Health Issues

Third, take into account the possible health problems connected to various cat breeds.

Remember that some cat breeds are more likely to experience specific health issues.

Some are prone to heart disease, while others are at risk for obesity.

Make sure to learn a little bit about the cat breeds you're thinking about adopting.

By taking the time to know about their health concerns, you can give the proper care!

Activity Level

New cat owners need to consider the degree of activity the breed requires.

While some cats prefer to be more fun and active during the day, others just want to lounge around.

Bengals and Main Coons are your options if you like spending time playing with your cat.

If you'd like a more laid-back kitty, a Ragdoll is a great option.


Size matters!

A small breed of cat is a great choice for small apartments.

Medium-sized cats are best for families with a larger space.

Lastly, large cat breeds are best for those with extra space.

Just a friendly reminder that larger cats cost extra in terms of food and accessories.

Compatibility with Others

Finally, look into a cat breed's compatibility with other animals.

If you have other pets, you might want to check if they’re adaptable.

While some cats prefer to be alone, others are more accepting of other animals.

Social cats like the Siamese and Sphynx are popular pets if you have many companions.

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Best Cat Breeds for the First-Time Cat Parent

best cat breeds american shorthair

1. American Shorthair Cats


The American Shorthair cat is a good choice for families who want to give their kids a pet they can grow up with.

This breed also lives a long time, averaging 15-20 years.

American Shorthairs are also known for being friendly, easy-going, and flexible.

Plus, they get along well with other pets.

They also don't need much care.


best cat breeds bengal

2. Bengal Cats


The Bengal cat may look like it came from another country, but they’re actually a mix of different types.

The Asian leopard cat and domestic cats like the Egyptian Mau were crossed to make the Bengal cat.

They are excited, interested, loving, and smart breeds.

This type of cat usually has a well-balanced personality, making them easy to live with.


best cat breeds birman

3. Birman Cats


Birmans are known for being friendly, playful, and affectionate cats.

They have long, soft hair that needs to be brushed often.

Still, their long hair is easy to care for.

This playful cat comes in many colours, most of which have spots on their legs, heads, and tails.


best cat breeds devon rex

4. Devon Rex Cats


The bodies of the Devon Rex cats are long and skinny.

Their short, curly coats are so fragile that you should seldom brush them.

These cats have different colours, like chocolate, silver, and blue.

The Devon Rex is famous for being loud and playful.

However, they tend to follow the limits set by their human companions.

They are popular pets because they don't mind being alone at home while everyone else is at work, school, or having fun.


best cat breeds maine coon

5. Maine Coon Cats


Maine Coons, or "gentle giants", are among the largest cat breeds.

They’re known for being kind and helpful, making them the best choice for small children.

This cat is an affectionate breed and enjoys being petted.

Their long hair must be groomed regularly, so don't forget to brush it often.

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best cat breeds persian

6. Persian Cats


The Persian is a beautiful cat with soft hair and little energy.

Persians look like dolls in real life because they have large eyes, round heads, long bodies, and short legs.

They’re also very calm and easy to get along with.

They’re a little lazy, so you can expect short bursts of activity and a lot of sitting around.

That means you won't have to keep Persian cats busy with toys all the time in your free time.

They love their alone time, but they do like human attention.


best cat breeds ragdoll

7. Ragdoll Cats


The Ragdoll cat is kind and friendly and loves being with people.

This loving cat is known for being calm and quiet.

They like to be held and paid attention to by their owners, but they don't mind if you're busy with other things.

They don't need much care and are a good choice for homes with kids and other pets.


best cat breeds russian blue

8. Russian Blue Cats


Russian Blues are friendly and loyal to their families but can be shy around strangers.

They’re very sensitive to how their owners feel.

If you are sad, they may come over and hug you.

Aside from being an affectionate breed, the Russian Blue is one of the smartest cat breeds.

They’re pretty active, so you’d need to play with them.


best cat breeds siamese

9. Siamese Cats


Siamese cats love hanging out with their family, so they love a home with many family members.

They can adjust quickly to new situations, so they usually know when it's okay to play and when to calm down.

Because of their genes, this breed will always have bright blue eyes.

This adds to their striking, elegant look.

Siamese cats can be good for people with allergies because they have a short coat that doesn't shed much.


best cat breeds sphynx

10. Sphynx Cats


The Sphynx is the best choice for people with allergies getting their first cat.

This hairless cat is super low maintenance, so you won’t always have to vacuum cat hair.

People know them for being loving, helpful, and fun.

Since Sphynx cats don't have hair, they should be bathed once a week.

Also, be conscious of the weather changes as their bodies are susceptible to cold or heat.

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best cat breeds


Choosing the best cat breed for first-time owners is a significant decision that can greatly impact your life.

You can find a cat breed that fits into your home and heart by considering the above mentioned factors.

The key is to ensure that your chosen cat aligns with your preferences and abilities as a caregiver.

With the right cat by your side, you're on your way to experiencing the joy, companionship, and unique bond only a cat can offer a first-time owner.



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  • Loved the breakdown of best cat breeds. As a Persian cat enthusiast, I appreciate the descriptions and tips. It would be great to see advice specific to each breed.

    Cat Exotica

  • I love cats but because of my serious allergies I don’t presently own any but my children were raised with both cats and dogs to ensure that they knew how to treat an animal. I also took them horse back riding so they could learn what they needed to know and have a chance to experience everything I could give them

    Carol Reckner
  • difficult choice

    Fatima Moreno
  • You left out Calico Cats. They are very smart, very adventurous, and always interesting. I had a Calico that grew up with a rat and chased dogs – of all sizes. My current cat caught up to 5 rats a day and one time caught a squirrel.

    Mary Prophet

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