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5 Reasons To Adopt a Rescue Pet

Have you ever considered the impact you could make when you decide to adopt a rescue pet?

Every year, countless dogs and cats find themselves in adoption centres.

adopt a rescue

These rescues long for a loving home and a second chance at happiness.

In this blog post, we'll explore 5 reasons why adopting a rescue pet might just be the best decision you ever make.

If you're looking for a new pet, read on to know why rescue pets deserve a special place in your loving home.

Why You Should Adopt From Your Local Shelter?

adopt a rescue


When it comes to bringing a new pet into your life, your local shelter is a great place to start.


One of the reasons is that adopting from rescue groups ensures that you're positively impacting your community.

Since these adoptable animals are often overlooked, you'll be saving a life.

These rescues need loving families who can give them the best life.

Skip the pet store and choose the path of compassion!

Adopt from your local animal shelter and make a difference.

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5 Reasons To Adopt a Rescue Pet

adopt a rescue

1.   You'll be saving TWO LIVES

Pet adoption is an act of compassion that goes beyond providing new homes to adoptable pets.

It's a choice that can save not one but two lives.

When you adopt, you're giving that rescue dog or cat a better life.

Of course, you’re also making room for another homeless pet.

It's a beautiful cycle of hope and transformation.

Your decision to adopt becomes a lifeline for two precious souls.

This ensures they can experience the love and care of a new family.

2.   You can do your part to STOP COMMERCIAL BREEDING

You must've heard about puppy mills.

A puppy mill prioritises profit over the well-being of animals.

As such, a lot of dogs are housed in inhumane conditions.

Adopting from a humane society means you're making a stand against this unethical industry.

By giving a foster home to homeless dogs, you're not supporting the demand for puppies from puppy mills.

Moreover, you're sending a message that responsible and ethical pet ownership matters.

We have the best chance to stop irresponsible commercial breeding through pet adoption.

3.   You can SAVE MONEY

Pet adoption isn't just a heart warming choice; it's also a wise financial decision.

When you adopt from animal welfare, you pay a cheaper adoption fee.

Purchasing from a breeder or pet store is more expensive.

Adoption fees typically cover vaccinations, spay or neuter surgery, and sometimes even microchipping.

These can add up to significant savings.

Many homeless animals from shelters are already house-trained or have basic obedience skills.

This means there's no need for costly training classes.

Plus, rescue animals tend to be healthier.

They have fewer genetic issues, potentially saving you money on medical care.

By adopting, you provide a loving home to a needy pet and make a wise financial choice.

You now have more money for other pet-related expenses.


Pet overpopulation has far-reaching consequences for animal welfare.

Every year, countless dogs and cats end up in overcrowded shelters.

Many of them don't find permanent homes.

Adopting a shelter pet breaks the cycle of overbreeding.

It also reduces the demand for more puppies and kittens.

Pets from shelters are spayed or neutered, preventing them from contributing to the problem.

It's a small but significant step towards a better future.

5.   Adoption might just SAVE YOU

Pet adoption is a journey that has the potential to save not only the life of a deserving animal but also your own.

The bond formed between you and your new dog or cat can bring immeasurable joy.

It also brings companionship and a sense of purpose to your life.

The love and loyalty of a rescue pet can provide comfort during challenging times.

They also reduce stress and even improve your mental and emotional well-being.

Also, the routine of caring for a pet can encourage a healthier lifestyle.

You’ll go for outdoor activities and have social interactions with fellow pet owners.

Pet adoption is an exchange of love and support that can significantly impact your life.

It offers personal growth, happiness, and a deeper connection with your new Fluffy Friend.

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Reminders Before Adopting Your New Best Friend

adopt a rescue


Before adopting a pet, remember the following:

  1. Lifestyle Compatibility: Assess if your lifestyle suits the pet's needs.

  2. Long-Term Commitment: Understand that pets require care for many years.

  3. Financial Planning: Budget for pet-related expenses.
    Ask yourself if you’re ready to buy them a cat or dog bed, some toys, and food.
    Also, some senior pets may require more comfortable accommodations, like an orthopaedic pillow or a cosy pet blanket.
  1. Training and Socialisation: Be prepared to invest time in training.

  2. Health and Allergies: Plan for veterinary care.

  3. Housing Compatibility: Confirm your rescue’s new environment is pet-friendly.

  4. Research: Learn about your pet's specific needs. 
    Some shelters have breed-specific rescues.
    Some breeds have genetic illnesses that you’d need to consider.
  1. Adoption Process: Be patient about the whole adoption process.
    Make sure to follow shelter requirements.
  1. Family Agreement: Ensure everyone at home is onboard and has an open mind.

  2. Be Patient: Potential adopters should have enough time to see whether their chosen pet is the best fit for them.
    You wouldn’t want to return your new fur baby just when they’re finally offered a new life with you!

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adopt a rescue


In a nutshell, adopting a rescue pet is a win-win for everyone involved.

You save a life, gain a loyal friend, and save money.

You’re also contributing to the fight against pet overpopulation and the inhumane practices of puppy mills.

The next time you consider bringing a new Fluffy Friend into your life, consider visiting your local shelter.

You'll find a world of love, companionship, and gratitude there.

They’re wrapped up in a bundle of fur and a wagging tail.

It's a decision that's easy on your heart and your wallet and can truly change lives for the better.



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  • I’m just after ordering another bed XXL, grey this time.
    Have two terriers which are rescues & Chi, they love their comfort.
    So thank u from them
    Hugo Boss 8(JRT) Molly Higgins 6 (WFT Adoptee)TaTa 3 (Chihuahua)Xx
    MrFluffyFriend™ replied:
    Hey Rachel!

    We’re super glad your rescues loved their doggy beds! And we would like to commend you on your dedication to providing comfort and love to your rescues!

    Thank you! From Your MrFluffyFriend Team

    Rachel Higgins
  • Hey Margaret,

    Awww. It’s always nice to hear fellow pet parents giving so much love and joy to rescue pets! We hope you can rescue more greyhounds!

  • Totally agree
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    MrFluffyFriend™ replied:
    Hey Rachel!

    Thanks so much for your support!

    Rachel Higgins
  • Fully endorse this article. Have had rescue greyhounds for 20 years. We are on to our number 5 greyhound. They are lovely affectionate undemanding dogs that don’t need much exercise. Cannot recommend them highly enough.
    MrFluffyFriend™ replied:
    Hey Margaret,

    Awww. It’s always nice to hear fellow pet parents giving so much love and joy to rescue pets! We hope you can rescue more greyhounds!

    Margaret Baisden

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